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Leadership development

Sana’s interactive virtual classroom and collaborative editor are helping our internal coaches exchange knowledge more easily and openly.”

Perrine Agha, People Development at Alan

Great leaders aren’t born. Scaleups and enterprises nurture managers to success with Sana.

Go beyond skills and behaviors. Sana’s end-to-end-learning platform is the supportive ecosystem your leaders need to achieve their organizational goals.

  • Support leaders in context
  • Foster a collaborative culture
  • Maximize everyone’s time

Relevant programs.
For every level.

Amplify new and existing leaders in real-time. With Sana’s HR system integrations and custom user attributes, you can trigger leadership programs automatically based department, seniority level, promotion status, and more.

Continuous support.
Powered by AI.

Combine development with enablement. Sana uses AI to search all of your learning content and answer questions in natural language. From 1:1 guides to leadership training recaps, all your leaders need to do is ask.

Performance status.
At a glance.

Sana visualizes progress and completion data in an intuitive, customizable dashboard. Get views at the team, course, or learner level, and give leaders access to the numbers they need to take action where it matters.

Knowledge sharing.

Create a path for future leaders by empowering experts to share their knowledge. With Sana’s real-time editor, everyone has the tools they need to co-create engaging courses and live sessions—from AI writing suggestions and image generation to templates and beyond.

Peer-to-peer coaching.
Built in.

Leaders need a safe space to grow and support each other. Sana’s built-in virtual classroom facilitates open knowledge sharing through interactive features like polls, reflection threads, stickynotes, and breakout rooms. With AI transcribing and taking notes, your leaders can focus on being present.

Leadership theory.
In practice.

Sana helps you test leaders in a range of scenarios and modalities. Add gradable exercises to cement self-directed trainings, run instructor-led sessions to increase active participation—you can plan and adjust the assignments around busy manager schedules.

End-to-end development.
In one platform.

Sana brings an LMS, LXP, authoring tool, and virtual classroom into one platform. Leaders get a smoother training experience with a single login. You only need one tool to create, host, and manage their entire development journey.

Scalable growth.
Minimized overhead.

Put the leadership admin on autopilot. Sana’s HR system integrations and extensive LMS features let you set up automatic user enrollment, notification reminders, certifications, and even in-person session scheduling.

Tailored trainings.
Faster development.

Sana accelerates leadership development by tailoring courses to each leader—skipping mangers past what they already know and targeting knowledge gaps with quizzes and personalized content recommendations.

Enterprise ready.
User approved.

ISO 27001 certified. SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. Data encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+.

“The perfect platform to enhance knowledge sharing and social learning”

G2 reviewer

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Integrate your way to higher-performing teams

Build stronger leaders, faster. Sana integrates with your existing tech stack so your leadership programs, training reminders, and reporting run on autopilot.

Made for more than leaders

Sana isn’t just for leadership development. It’s the one home for all your company’s learning and knowledge sharing—from compliance training and employee onboarding to sales enablement and beyond.

Collaborative authoring

Create self-paced courses and live group sessions. Together.

Automated LMS

Manage, analyze, and scale all your learning initiatives. With automations.

Virtual classroom

Host interactive training sessions. Without switching tabs.

Integrated LXP

Upskill your learners with multiple content providers. Under one roof.

How Sana helps organizations uncover new leaders

By Rita Azevedo
Former Head of L&D at Klarna

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